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Establishement of a monitoring system for second-life batteries at Northvolt

Publicerad 2021-12-22

Batteries are going to play a crucial role in the decarbonization of the transportation sector and in the decarbonization of the future renewable based energy systems. Electric vehicles batteries go through challenging operating conditions that strongly reduce the lifetime of batteries. Nevertheless, after being decommissioned for electro-mobility applications, batteries can still live a second life due to the still available power and energy capacities. Those allow to use the second-life batteries for other applications such as stationary applications, i.e., residential applications, charging stations support, and other electric grid related services. More information about second-life battery application can be found here:

The aim of this thesis is to set up a real monitoring system and testing facility for second-life batteries at a dedicated laboratory in Northvolt AB. The established experimental facility will be used to perform dynamic measurements of the performance of second-life batteries for different applications.

It can be adapted to both a 15 or 30 HP thesis. A background in electrical engineering is strongly preferred. It is expected that the student/students will drive the project and practically implement it.

Pietro Elia Campana

Please, send CV.

Mälardalen University (EST)/Northvolt AB

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1-2 st


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2022 spring semester

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