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(Erasmus) Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter internship | Head office Rotterdam | full time

Publicerad 2017-03-13

Field: Customer Service, Sales, Payments, Process Engineering, Product Improvement.

Time period

Preferred start date: spring/summer/fall/winter 2017
Preferred end date: 10 weeks later after the start, or longer.
40 hours per week.

Cool Things

You will develop your relation, database and communication skills
Our team consists of 50 people, with 20 nationalities. Most people in our office are between 21-30 years old; also having this working experience in an international work environment will be a good element to have on your CV.
You will be working in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam. This is the second biggest city in the Netherlands and is one hour by train from the capital Amsterdam.


Responsibilities of the Customer Care & Product Improvement Specialist intern

Housing Anywhere launched a secure booking service on the website. Now our users can book & pay a room directly on our website. We need to make sure that users get familiar with this booking system;
You will be responsible for calling the users of our website, offering them help and explaining them about our newly launched secure booking system;
Tasks of the Customer Care & Product Improvement Specialist intern

Product Improvement (60%):

Analysing the behaviour of our users on our website (product);
Saving the feedback of the users and discuss this on a regular basis directly with our Head of Customer Care how we can improve the website based on the users' feedback;
Customer Care (30%):

Calling advertisers to verify their rooms;
Contacting users, to inform that they have a booking request open or are accepted for a room;
Calling users, to help them with booking a room;
Explaining to our users on the phone advantages of the secure booking system.


Responsibilities of the room acquisition intern

You will be responsible to increase the rooms offered on our platform, by connecting to house owners/landlords (non-students).
Tasks of an “Room Acquisition”

Calling calling calling: Generate new leads (landlords), prospect and qualify them into accounts
Support the accounts while using the platform
Bring the relatonship with landlords into customer success
Depending on the country, we can go for personal visits to accounts or calling from the office

Other (supporting) tasks for any intern:

Support the management with quantitative and qualitative analysis
Other tasks that could help improving the start-up

Characteristics we are looking for in our interns:

Language: you should be able to speak English on an above-average level.
Independent: The ability to work independently, take initiative and do what it takes to get the job done
Structured: The ability to work in a structured manner. You will need to work according to specific checklists of our framework and develop the checklists yourself if they do not yet exist.
Persistent: A central characteristic that is also the flag of our team is persistence. In Housing Anywhere we believe that persistence is the driver of our growth and expansion
Productive and motivated worker: We need someone who is a hard worker and is really passionate about You will work 40 hours a week, but should Housing Anywhere grow much more rapidly than expected, we are looking for people who are willing to go the extra mile. It has happened that our interns had to work on a Sunday. Although this is not common, you should be prepared for it!
Energetic, optimistic and imaginative power: you need to motivate yourself and your colleagues, also in bad times.
Willing to do simple tasks: your title will be “Customer Care Specialist intern” and you have quite some responsibility. However, on the other hand there is nobody ‘below’ you in our office. This means you also need to complete simple tasks, for example, preparing excel sheets, emptying the dishwasher etc. It won’t be your main job, but these things will be part of the job.

Claire Chi

Interested? Apply on our career page, or email Claire at !

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